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It’s been a little more than a month since the election – enough time to gather my thoughts and reflect on what comes next. Somewhat to my surprise, I really enjoyed the campaign. I didn’t like the outcome, but I enjoyed talking to people about their experiences and their opinions, and getting my ideas out through the press.

I wish the Governor-elect well. When I met with Peter Uberroth we agreed that the hardest day of campaigning would be much easier than the easiest day of being Governor. I’m not pleased (but not surprised) to see that the incoming administration is thinking about borrowing its way out of the fiscal mess in Sacramento. I suspect the Governor-elect has discovered, as I argued in my campaign, that the state’s problems can’t be solved through spending cuts alone. If we don’t also address the revenue side of the equation, we’ll saddle our children with an unfair financial burden for at least a generation. A spending cap is a good idea, in my opinion, but only if it is tied to increases in the overall state economy, rather than just inflation.

I’m going to use this website as a place to discuss and advocate for changes in which I believe. I’ll try to keep up this blog, and from time to time I'll update the position papers and the ideas section of the website. I envision it as a continuing campaign of ideas – a sort of virtual representation for those of us who feel as, I do, that our state government is not responding to our needs.

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